Velella Research was founded in 2010 by Terri Burghart.  It was formed with only the most qualified and experienced staff with individual and group track records of a high level of performance for enrollment goals and retention of patients with protocol violations being kept to an absolute minimum.  Sponsors have experience working with each member of the staff and have experienced their level of expertise while patients have enjoyed the individualized care and superior attention to detail so much that they will often enroll in additional trials when the one they are part of is over.  The quality that this group is capable of providing for both patients and sponsors is unsurpassed.

Terri Burghart, MBA, CRC -  Research Director

Terri began her work in clinical research in 1992 at a research company doing many different types of studies.  Everything from Alzheimer's Disease to Osteoporosis and Hypertension to Arthritis.  

"The patients are what makes this a wonderful career," says Terri when asked why she loves to work in clinical research.

Kori Garrison, CNMT, EMT, CRC - Clinical Research Coordinator

Kori is a certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist and an EMT. She enjoyed working directly with patients in this capacity, but began working in clinical research, full time in 1996.  She has been a study coordinator for 16 years conducting patient recruitment activities, study visits, regulatory maintenance, and all aspects of conducting research at an investigator site.  The studies Kori has conducted over the years have been primarily Cardiac and Psychiatric.

To further her education and her ability to care for patients as they complete the protocols for which she is responsible, she is currently working towards her RN degree.

Amy Heineman -  Regulatory Manager 

Amy began working in research in 1998 in cardiology and has taken care of the regulatory process for many, many studies ranging from treatment of gout to acute myocardial infarction.  She maintains all training for the office and makes sure that we adhere to GCP as well as FDA and IRB regulations for all matters placed before us.

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